ventilated facade Equipment

Concerns about the sustainability of the project, led the architects to opt for ceramic ventilated facade system, whose advantages, among others, are: energy saving, easy cleaning and maintenance, resistance to extreme temperatures, high strength and durability...

Specifically, XB Favemanc was the system chosen with extruded ceramic plates 15 mm thick. The anchor consists of a type T profile, fixed to the support by retaining brackets and supports, and a clip which ensures a quick and easy installation of the tiles.

All Favemanc systems, is lighter and easier to transport and handle. These features make it an ideal technical solution for large buildings and large rehabilitation projects. In the case of Terme Catez Spa Resort, were more than 5,000 square meters ventilated façade which had to cover and this system ensured a quick and easy installation.

Like all systems Favemanc, the XB system is certified according to the requirements of the technical code and European standards.

An added advantage provided by the ventilated facade Favemanc, is to be available with the photocatalytic finish Active Plus. This is a product which, applied to the tiles and in the presence of UV-A light, a photocatalytic reaction occurs with antibacterial benefits, decontaminating and self-cleaning.

Another property Active Plus is hydrophilicity. This means that our products convey the water molecule (moisture) naturally present in the air, creating a situation that prevents the adhesion of dirt. This advantage represents a great value in the case of ceramic facades, its geographical location, are exposed to wind with high density of dust. On these occasions, Active Plus prevents accumulation microsand core on the surface of the tiles.

In short, Favemanc ventilated façade systems are an excellent solution to suit demanding sustainable building today. They are also an accredited commitment to innovation, based on the growing need to integrate energy saving in the environment and style of work and family life example. Apply to both new construction and rehabilitation projects, our systems, described the numerous advantages, increase the value of the investment in any building.