Project managers of this hotel was looking for a ventilated ceramic facade to offer the best aesthetic characteristics and to provide the desired advantages in terms of insulation and ventilation.

The system chosen was Favemanc XD, which consists of a omega vertical profile rate fixed to the bracket with retaining brackets and supports, and a clip that ensures quick and easy installation of the parts Favemanc. Ceramic panels in this system have a thickness of 24 mm and allow formats up to meter and a half in length.

The facade of this particular project has a total of 2,900 square meters of ceramic plates in black graphite combined with composite and curtain wall. One of the most appreciated features of the ceramic plates is the multitude of possibilities in terms of colors and finishes, which enable architects and designers to complete the desired appearance on the facade in every project. In addition, Favemanc offers special pieces that give uniqueness to buildings such as ceramic sunscreens or volumetric panels and even the facade printed with designs provided by customers.

The Hotel Loob ventilated facade was installed by our own team of installers Favemanc, so that the execution was flawless assembly. This was one of the most valued element by the department and the hotel property as the technical support was complete.

Another advantage of ceramic ventilated façade is the lack of maintenance and durability, therefore the aesthetics of any project is guaranteed despite the passing years.