Facade rehabilitation in this building was carried out in two different systems of ventilated facade. The Favemanc XB system has been installed with ceramic plates in 600x300 format with more than 4,000 square meters in snow and anthracite colors. Moreover, it has also been used Favemanc XC system, with horizontal profiles in 1200x300 format to cover more than 500 square meters of facade.

The particularity of this project is the customized panels through digital printing photographs from the Museum of Cultural History of Kuopio. These are pictures of characters from the first decade of the twentieth century made by the famous Finnish photographer Viktor Barsokevitschin that have been reinterpreted by a design studio.

This is one of the reasons why architects all over the world choose Favemanc ventilated facade; our technology and technical team are able to create,  develop and transfer any image to the ceramic panels through digital printing, allowing customized projects according to the wishes of customers.

Of course, in addition, the ceramic ventilated facade offers full guarantees in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, resistance, easy installation and maintenance... which are characteristics that make our range suitable for either renovation or new projects anywhere in the world.