To date, Favemanc has already provided more than 2,000 square meters of ceramic ventilated facade for the works of expansion and rehabilitation of the hospital. The advantages provided by this project are many, the first is that it is a system that has allowed to unify the different facades of new buildings with old buildings.

Favemanc ceramic ventilated facade is an ideal system for reform and rehabilitation of buildings, it creates a second skin for buildings with simple installation system also requires no maintenance. It also offers an excellent, with a wide range of natural colors and enameled aesthetics and the option to install special ceramic pieces like lattices that give uniqueness to the projects.

In the case of the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, the management team chose the XD system Favemanc, which consists of a omega vertical profile fixed to the bracket with retaining brackets and supports, and a clip which ensures a quick and easy installation Favemanc the pieces. Honeycomb ceramic plates that accompany this system have a thickness of 24 mm and were created in a custom color for this particular project.

The ventilated facade is complemented by 4,500 linear meters of ceramic rectangular lattice covering the windows. These pieces are presented in two different formats (110 x 55 mm and 200 x 55 mm) positioned to create a set of unique volumes.

Today is running the third phase of the Plan with complete satisfaction of architects as the ceramic material Favemanc. Llongueras Clotet Arquitectes study particularly appreciates the service provided by our technical office in resolving details of the assembly and placement of our parts. In the same way, they have appreciated the value of the customization of finishes and colors of the ceramic plates, as well as the adequacy and product development in line with the project.