The research project led by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and the Centre for Scientific Research (CSIC) is the "development of a new system of industrialized modular construction, with energy consumption almost zero, efficient and sustainable" .

Favemanc’s ceramic products are incorporated into this design solution as an option for improving finishes aligned with the innovative approach of our construction system.

In the prototype that is currently running on the premises of CSIC you are going to make a monitoring with temperature sensors to study the thermal behavior of each of the finished building facades built and its impact on the interior temperatures.

Alejandro Mínguez Ortiz, Director of Modular Construction of Purever Group, sponsor of the project, has made the following declaration considering of great interest to incorporate a material such as Favemanc to this study because it shows excellent thermal qualities and a modern aesthetic and attractive design.

From Favemanc, we are pride for these considerations about our ceramic plates and make us to bet stronger for innovation in our products.