Favemanc’s ventilade façades will be shown next january at BAU 2015

The range is divided according to building material, product and theme areas – key themes for the future such as sustainable building play an important role in all sections of the exhibition.

With over 2,000 exhibitors from 46 countries BAU occupies the entire exhibition site of Messe München, filling all 17 halls and 4 entrance areas – in total 180,000 m² of gross exhibition space.

Favemanc’s ventilade façades will be shown inside the stand of Gresmanc International where there will be shown other products by Gres de la Mancha and KlinkerTech.

With Favemanc’s products the exterior insulation helps to maintain stable indoor temperatures in both summer and winter. In winter it minimises the hazards of condensation, and eliminates occupant sensations of draughts and cold. Indoor temperatures will not change abruptly even when heating is not in use, such as at night, or during extreme temperature swings in winter. With Favemanc the building’s acoustic reverberation is notably reduced.


  • Energy Saving (Hot / Cold Insulation)
  • Reduction of acoustic contamination
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning - Anti Graffitti
  • Extreme temperature resistant
  • High resistance and durability
  • Reduces risk of cracks
  • Quick application - no need for incisions in the plates
  • Invisible attachment system
  • Refurbishing: direct application to the wall without cavity
  • Range of special pieces
  • Large variety of colours and finishes