The document assigned is DIT No. 614R /18. The system designed for the coating of ventilated facades, commercially known as Favemanc XB PRO, is constituted by XB PRO and XB PRO 17 ceramic panels.

The main novelty with respect to the system accredited by the previous DIT is that, while the XB PRO plates are installed only in horizontal modulation with point fixings, the XB PRO 17 also can be installed in horizontal modulation with linear fixings and vertical modulation with point fixings.

The concession of DIT is based on the favorable behavior of the product for the expected employment front requirements of:

  • Mechanical resistance and stability.
  • Security in case of fire.
  • Hygiene, health and environment.
  • Safety of use.
  • Protection against noise.
  • Energy saving.

The granting of DIT Certification number 614R / 18, to the Favemanc XB PRO System for the coating of ventilated façades with ceramic tiles, implies that, the technical evaluation carried out allows to conclude that the system is in compliance with the Technical Building Code as long as the conditions provided by the document are respected.