One of the most anticipated closing solutions for architects around the world is a ventilated facade with rustic brick appearance. Favemanc has responded to this demand with its BRICK façade.

BRICK consists of extruded stoneware honeycomb plates 22 millimeters thick with a format of 30 millimeters in height and up to 1200 millimeters in length. These plates, in appearance, simulate face-to-face rustic bricks placed with sores available in various colors. In fact, these plates provide all the advantages of insulation and protection of the ceramic ventilated façade since its placement is the same as that of our XD façade system.

The particularity of these plates, with respect to our standard XD ventilated facade plates, also with 22 mm thickness, is their aesthetics. The design that imitates the traditional brick placement allows architects to take the designs of the most avant-garde buildings to any place in the world, even those in which the urban regulations require respecting a certain original style of each place. Of course, in addition, respecting the criteria of sustainable construction and energy efficiency.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about all the advantages of Favemanc’s BRICK façade.