The KlinkerTech pieces in which Active Plus is applied are capable, in the presence of UV-A light, of initiating a nanoscale photocatalytic reaction resulting in three basic benefits:


Endorsed by the ISO 27447 standard, the active principle of Active Plus reacts disintegrating microorganisms such as fungi, moss, bacteria, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus and preventing the creation of biofilm in which these organisms tend to grow. As a result of the elimination of these bacteria and germs, odors and toxic fumes are also deleted.

These properties make our products the ideal solution for high traffic humid environments such as swimming pools and locker in sport complexes.


Another property is the Active Plus hydrophilicity. This means that our products passed the molecule of water (moisture) naturally present in the air, creating a situation that prevents the adhesion of dirt.

Photocatalysis also prevents the formation of components that litter the floor and wall. Decomposing water, carbon dioxide (CO²), sodium nitrate, calcium nitrate and calcium carbonate.

Backed by laboratory according to ISO 27448


The photocatalytic effect contributes to reducing air pollution, mainly on nitrogen oxide (NOx), through two actions described below.

  • By direct action: Reduction of harmful gaseous substances (nitrogen oxide (NOx) as benzene, toluene, etc.) produced by human activity (Industries, Automobiles, heating, etc.). Degradation of the macromolecule (NOx) backed by laboratory according to EN 221 971.
  • For indirect action: By destroying pollutants ozone precursors (NOx), with the formation of ozone (O3). Scientific research confirms that 1,000m2 finishing with clean air photocatalytic principle as effectively as you would 70 trees so great medium.

This is attributable to  GREEN BUILDING technology
    Credito LEED® ssC7.1 Heat Island Effect – Non- Roof e Credito LEED® SSc7.2 Heat Island Effect – Roof
    Credito LEED® IEQc4 Low Emitting Materials
    Credito LEED® IEQ8.1 Daylight & View
    Credito LEED® di Innovation and Design

    Photocatalytic treatment is not toxic and does not contain irritating substances.
    It does not run out as it permanently reactivates with light, natural or artificial.
    It can be applied to all the Gres de La Mancha, Favemanc, Klinker Tech products.

    It doesn’t change appearence or color of the products.