We consider this product as the perfect combination between panels and structure, which has some direct benefits up on the performance of installation. The versatility of this system means the use of different elements depending on the kind of installation chosen. The new design of the panel increases the possibilities of installation.

Installation with joint profile - The use of a joint profile provides vertical alignment to the system defining perfectly the vertical joint between panels and preventing dilatation from altering it. Joint profile acts as mechanical element that holds and prevent the free movement of the panel avoiding possible vibrations and noising. 

Installation horizontally with clip - This is the traditional system where the covering panels are fixed to the bearing structure by clips containing rubber parts to prevent vibrations and horizontal sliding of panels. 

Hunging installation - The new design of the panel section allows, through the hollow incorporated at the back of it, the same lay out simply hung to the metal structure.

Vertical installation of panels -  is feasible using a system of double metal structure with rectangular’s section vertical profiles combined with a horizontal omega shaped profile to which panels are fixed by clips.