With our contribution in the field of both, new construction and refurbishment of buildings, we give a strong impulse to the improvement of the cities, reducing greenhouse effect gas emissions and bringing solutions like FAVEMANC Ventilated Façade Systems which provide thermal insulation and reduce thermal bridging. FAVEMANC Systems have a built-in insulation technology which controls and optimises temperature fluctuations in such way that it results in considerable savings in energy consumption and induces C02 emissions reduction into the atmosphere. Of equal importance of life quality in a building is the acoustical reverberation reduction, another remarkable feature of our Ventilated Façade Systems.

The procedures and construction processes of our company are always based on applying the concept of flexibility, allowing the client to incorporate his requirements in our work plan, getting solutions tailored to the needs of future users of the building. We are backed by the quality certificates for procedure as well as the technical certificates of our systems, which allow us to offer security and quality assurances throughout the entire contractual process with our company. From the initial assessment and consultancy, through the project execution and completion, our team of technicians will see with utmost professionalism to each and every one of execution steps.

Our department of technological innovation is a main and pampered pillar of our company. We continuously invest in product development and innovation with the current best engineers, getting the feasibility of innovative products to match the aesthetic and environmental quality of the new era building. Our R&D&I department offers building professionals such as architects, the possibility to explore constructive solutions for their projects without compromising creativity.

FAVEMANC recycles and re-incorporates surplus and rejected material to the manufacturing process of Extruded Clinker Clay Panels. FAVEMANC is and environmentally friendly product.