Renovation of buildings is a growing demand matter. Their execution, attending sustainability and environmental criteria, is a main concern nowadays.
The integral service provided by ECOFAVEMANC is the smartest choice for renovating existing facades.

Furher to the assets of all Favemanc Ventilated facade  systems, EcoFAVEMANC has the following advantages:

  • Direct application on existing facades..
  • No removal of any existing material (glued tiles or other) Free of wastes.
  • Fully Exterior process.
  • Time saving installation.
  • High appreciation of building value.



The procees of renovation of an existing facade is as follows:

  • Detailed study of the facade; study of the bearing wall and state of the concrete slab. Detail 1)
  • After applying resins and sealing of cracks, brackets are installed. (Detail 2)
  • Installation of profiles and insulation directly on the facade without removing the existing coating.  (Detail 3)
  • Ventilated facade Favemanc Panels are installed easily and quickly on the aluminum substructure with a “clip" type invisible fixing system. (Detail 4)
  • The building is fully coated, including window frames, and without cuts on the panels. (Detail 5)
  • Renovation is executed from the exterior with no effects upon the interior of the building.  (Detail 6)