XC System consists of extruded klinker alveolar panels 16 /8mm thick allowing the manufacturing of formats up to 1.200mm /1.400mm long and 400mm high. Ask for other dimensions.
They are light panels shaped for  hunging system installation increasing mechanical performance.
Extruding manufacturing and the dovetail shape of the Favemanc panels prevent  wáter from coming into the air chamber and ensures the safety and resistance of of Favemanc ventilated facades.

XC Subsystem consits of a “C” vertical profile, anchored to the bearing wall by support and retaining bracketcs, supporting a horizontal extruded profile that holds the panels.
Replacing single panels is perfectly possible.

As all Favemanc systems, XC systems is certified according to European Regulations. No maintenance is needed and it’s available with Anti bacterial Properties.

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